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Add: 19# Shengli East Road, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China 

Zip code: 233030

Tel: +86-552-3021091 , 3021090

Fax: +86-5552-3021091 , 3021090

Email: dyestuffqiu@163.net


URL: www.skkydrive.com

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 Bengbu Yongyan Dyes & Chemicals Co. Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise. It started to produce sulphur dyestuff since 1968 and the production history has about 40 years old. Specializing in series sulphur dyes more than 60 varieties.Annual production is 15000MT. Consists of Bengbu Yongfeng dyes & chemical Co., LTD and Bengbu Yongan pharmaceutical & chemicals CO.,LTD and Bengbu Yongyan Dyes R&D business center three branches.The standing and development of the company have attributed to domestic and foreign customs' support.
 Bengbu Yongan pharmaceutical and chemicals CO.,LTD. Annual Production 200Tons of DMDO、DMDO-CI、Acetoin pharmaceutical and spices intermediates.DMDO series is mainly applied for synthesizing semi-synthetic antibiotics medicine like Olmesartan Medoxomil,Lenampicillium Hydrochloride,Prulifloxacin,etc.
 We operate strict quality management, advanced technology, excellent equipment and whole set of test machines. We always pay attention to managing product quality and invite authority departments toinspect our product in order to the long stability and reliability. We take change draft of Sulphur Blue BRN , Sulphur Fast Blue 3R , Sulphur Blue CV,Sulphur Yellow Brown 5G , Sulphur Yellow Brown 6G、Sulphur Light Yellow GC with Shenyang chemical institute in standard compiled by the national dyestuff standardization technique committee.
 And supplied in compliance with GB/T19001-2000idtISO9001:2000 quality standard, GB/T24001-2004idtISO14001:2004 environment standard and GB/T28001-2001 profession health security standard. We have obtained much glory awarded by government.
 Our products have exported directly to the USA, Japan, Germen, India, Pakistan, Iran, Korea and others.Meanwhile, we build 4 offices in China, such as Guangzhou, Shishi, Shaoxing, Changzhou. For domestic customers with business and technical services.
 Our spirit is"quality first, prestige high"and providing good service and technology. Wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality services.

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